SWAG BUCKS     SWAG BUCKS! now this one looks interesting, you win swag bucks for searching then exchange these for loads of items from vouchers to a PS3, usually you only win 1 or 2 and sometimes 3, it also says 5 but I haven't seen anyone win 5. you can only win on the first 20 searches everyday and I usually win within 5 searches. you can then move on to the next site as I have never won more than once on 1 site per day, which is listed at the bottom under more search and win sites. however I can only seem to win on swagbucks main site and wwe site winning a max twice a day. I finally got enough to cash out and ended up going for a 140 electric guitar (1100 swagbucks) for my son, it arrived within 2 weeks and I'm already up to 500 for my next item.

Also every time your referral wins a buck so do you (up t 100). 

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INBOX POUNDS  This site has all sorts you can do to earn money, click links, emails, do offers, surveys etc, I have got up to 20 minimum payout in just over 6 months mainly by doing the surveys and emails


ARCHERFISH    This is a wicked little site which pays you to receive emails click on ads and sign up for offers. they don't pay a lot but I'm receiving about 4 emails a day at the moment and the minimum payout is just 3.  I have received a few 3 payments from them now and they usually go into my PayPal account within a day. well worth using this site.

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UNIQUE REWARDS  This site you can do all sorts to make money, but the main ones I do is watch videos and click on emails etc, minimum payout is $20 via paypal and I got to the first $20 pretty quick. taking a bit longer to get to the second


E-MAIL PAYS U     This site is very confusing but basically they pay you to receive e-mail as well as search and sign up offers. you get 2 cent per e-mail and I receive up to three a day but sometimes none for a few days. I have received payment from them a long time ago via PayPal but they have changed the way they pay since then and I can't work out what to do. If anyone out there can then please let me know!

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VALUED OPINIONS    This site offers you vouchers to fill in surveys, you usually get around 1 per survey which you can change into several different vouchers (Amazon, Boots, Tesco, Hmv) as soon as you get 10. I usually get at least one survey a week, sometimes several, I have had loads of vouchers from this site (usually the Amazon), it must be around 100 or more. Amazon vouchers are given to you immediately, Argos vouchers took about three weeks to turn up! This is definitely one of the best survey sites around.


PINECONE RESEARCH   This site pays you 4 in vouchers or PayPal each time you complete a survey, they automatically send you the vouchers as soon as you have finished the survey. I get at least 1 every month and have been for a few years now so it's adds up to quite a lot. You also get to test quite a lot of stuff too, and you get paid again once you have done this.


GLOBAL TEST MARKET    Get A cheque for filling in surveys, you need at least 1000 points to redeem. I've received several cheques so far and my latest was for over 40 and I'm not far off another one already. They are sending me loads of surveys at the moment. and you usually get between 10 and 100 points per survey. well worth joining this site.


YOUGOV   Earn money by doing surveys, you get around 50p - 1 a survey and I usually get several a week. When you reach 50 they send you a cheque, I have received more than three cheques so far, it takes me about a year to get 50. well worth the effort!! 

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PURE PROFILE    get paid to fill in surveys, they usually pay between 1 and 3 per survey. Usually quick and easy surveys. Don't get that many though and took me ages to get to the 25 payout but still worth doing. Took over a month to receive my money.

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MEDIA TRANSFER   This site offers you points for filling in surveys, once you get 100 points you can exchange them for an Amazon voucher. This site used to be really good and I received my 16 quite quick, but now I hardly ever get anything from them.


MY ONLINE PANEL     I have started receiving a few surveys from these but not enough to cash out yet, you need 2000 points and I have 900 from only 3 surveys. yes that's 3 surveys in a year so a very slow site.


SURVEYS.COM    You only get entered into a draw for this one and I have never won anything, occasionally they send out a paid survey but I've only ever received 2. Lucky to get one every 3 months!

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NEOBUX   only just started this one but looks ok, you have to click on adverts to get cash. it is quite low though :(


TOILOKDO Another site like prizee, all the games are free to play and you earn points, you can also accept emails for points, then you just exchange the points for free gifts. loads to choose from. will let you know when I get my first gift. I now have loads of points and will be ordering something soon. I get around 1000 points a day. if you complete the dragon maze on hard and collect the eggs you open one of the secret games.

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FIND JEUX Yet another site like prizee, you get 20 coins a day to spend on playing games (each game costs different amounts) with which you collect points in which you can exchange for free prizes. I found the quickest way to earn the most points is playing microjack. unlike prizee you can just order what you want as long as its in stock. Received my first prize of a key ring torch and second prize of some stickers which took about 2 weeks to be delivered. this site does take a while to collect enough points.

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MADWIN  This site is a bit like prizee, you get 15 free games per day which you collect points, then you can exchange your points for free prizes. the best way to get the most points quickest is to play gangsta scratch. unlike prizee you can just order what you want as long as its in stock. I received my first item, a green gel memo holder which my son loved and it only took a week to arrive. Its a bit slow at collecting points so I don't really use this site at the moment. Received  second prize of key ring.

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GREASY PALM   earn cash back for shopping or signing up for offers, they have thousands to choose from with quite a few for free, once you reach 25 they send you a cheque. I have received one 25 cheque, took me a while to get enough money to cash out! Don't really use this site at the moment! Just waiting for 50 cash back from my home insurance (only cost 63), says I'm in the next payment so fingers crossed.

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FREE FIVERS   Earn cash back by signing up to offers and shopping, pays quite good but you need 25 to receive a cheque. They have loads of free offers to do. You get 5 cash back when you sign up. Don't really use this much as its taking ages, think I'm at around 11.

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TOPCASHBACK  Earn cashback on everyday spending, just shop as normal but go via the site and you can earn a lot of cashback, been using for a year or so and have earned over 300 just buying the things I would buy anyway. 


R POINTS  Earn points for shopping, signing up to offers plus visit websites every day. I haven't really used this site too much! you get 5 sign up bonus. seems to be more of a cash back site for shopping.

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QUIDCO  Another cashback site, Earn cashback on everyday spending, just shop as normal but go via the site and you can earn a lot of cashback, been using for a year or so and have earned over 300 just buying the things I would buy anyway.


CLIXSENSE  Another new site, only been using a while but minimum payout of only $8 which was pretty easy


YOUNG POLL  This site is part of the one poll group and offers cash for youngsters to fill in easy surveys. Only just joined so will let you know how I get on.


IPSOS  Earn points which you exchange for vouchers for filling in survey's, they are usually pretty easy and pay quite well. I've had at least 100 in vouchers from these.


GLOBAL OPINION PANEL    get paid to fill in surveys, this site offers really really low payment for their survey's, I have been doing them for years and have only just managed to get up to 5 cheque which I received within a month. In my opinion really not worth it. (9000 points = 5)


DUBIT INSIDER  This site is a little different from most other sites, you apply to join a team which usually involves promoting a new item like games etc. then you get loads of promotional stuff to give out to all your friends and a few things for yourself, plus you usually get the game before it comes out in the shop. My son loves doing this as he gets loads of freebies and his mates love him too for all the free stuff they get.


DIALEGO    get paid to fill in surveys, I've been doing these for a while now and only get about 1 survey a month. You need a minimum of 20 worth of points to cash out and I'm up to about 15.


BRANDINST   You get paid for survey's, that's all I know as I have never received anything from these!


OPINION HEALTH    get paid to fill in survey's mainly to do with health. Another very slow site, but I do get some, and I'm nearly up to the 125 point cash out.


ONE POLL  Earn money doing their daily quick and easy survey's, you usually get 10p per survey and can cash out once you have 40 which might take a while. This site does not send out emails so you have to make sure you log in a couple of times a week. finally got my 40 PayPal cash out, took a few weeks to come but all good.


TRENDSCAN    get paid to fill out survey's. I have only ever received 3 survey's from these so I only have 30 points, minimum cashout is 300 so a long way to go.


OPINION PEOPLE    get paid to fill in survey's, I have received a few from these but still not enough to cash out. You need a minimum of 15 to cash out into your paypal account.


ENGAGE PANEL    get paid to fill out survey's, I'm only 50 points (1 survey) away from my first 5 payout, you can choose boots vouchers, Hmv vouchers or iTunes vouchers.

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OPINIUM RESEARCH   You earn money for filling out survey's, I've made 10 in only a few weeks of being with this site, most survey's are pretty easy and it always tells you how many questions are in the survey. You need 25 to cash out.


JUST THE ANSWER    get paid to fill out survey's. Had a few from these and I have finally got 5 amazon voucher from them yay.