Below are all the sites which I have had problems with, PLEASE DO NOT use these sites (you have been warned)

TICKET REWARDS    please please do not use this site, when it first started all was fine and everyone seemed to get paid, but it got sold and the new owners decided not to pay anyone that was owed any money and everyone lost all their points including me, when contacting them they just didn't want to know, BE WARNED!

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FREEPAY - FREE IPOD TOUCH  This site is a referral site, but it does not work avoid at all costs, I finally got my 5 referrals then right at the last minute they said 2 were void, even though I know they weren't as they were done my my family, and they didn't let me know until the 89th day and you only have 90 days to get them. A total con and waste of credit, glad I never paid for it.
GAMINGLAGOON    This site is a lot like IPOD prize draw (except they don't have a daily draw). you receive points for completing  free offers, then you exchange these points for gaming goodies. None of my points seem to be approved at the moment and they don't seem to want to help sort it out, a lot of sites don't credit you points for doing offers but when you email them they usually sort it out, this site didn't want to know, so I would stay away.
SMILES COLLECT   Click on adverts, sign up to offers, shop and earn smiles which when you earn enough you get a free holiday. Points have not been added to my account for ages and they won't reply to emails!! STAY AWAY
GOOGLE ADSENSE Do you own a website? then DO NOT add google adsense to your site and get paid for every ad someone clicks on or every search they do. WARNING, I was with google for ages then out of the blue when I was due a $200 payment they cancelled my account saying I was cheating and they can't give me proof as it's a secret as to how they know! and when I complained all they said was tuff do not contact us again.
MY SEARCH FUND (now myhpf) Not only did they never pay and you had to wait 4 months and millions of emails to get paid, now they have changed to a non payment, all money goes to charity site, now if these actually paid there members when they were supposed to then I might actually believe them, but I don't believe they will pay a penny to charity, so please stay clear.

ps. they still owe me 70 grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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PRIZEE   WOW, this has gone from being the best site to being the worst site, without notice they just changed the site to French only and now you can't get prizes, and tough to everyone who has saved up their bubz. I had loads and loads which are now all useless. stay well clear.

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